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Terms & Conditions | Business Center Nariman Point,Mumbai,India

Terms & Conditions

1.  An Individual or a corporate may become a Member of this Allstate Business centre- a division of Allstate Comserve P.Ltd.on payment of the registration fee and annual subscription from time to time. An Application Form for enrollment shall be filed and forwarded to the center alongwith the enrollment fees. Receipt bythe centreof the duly completed Application Form and the appropriate membership fee shall deemed as acceptance of these terms and of any subsequent agreement.

2. The Centre shall have the sole discretion to accept or reject the Application for enrollment or terminate the membership at any time without assigning any reason. The Centre reserves the right to amend or to after the membership fees or any of the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

3. In case of Corporate Membership besides the cardholder, the authorised signatory shall jointly and severally beliable with the company, for the payment of outstanding dues in excess of any deposits which may be carried on the Member’s bankers or any other source to obtain any other information that may be required.

4. The issuance of the membership card In the Member’s name shall be deemed as acceptance of the Member’s application for membership / renewal. The membership will be renewed only on receipt of payment of annual subscription in advance. The Centre reserves the right not to renew the membership without assigning any reason whatsoever. The registration fee and annual subscription shall not be refunded under any circumstances after confirmation and/or renewal of membership.

5. The membership card must be presented for usage of the Center’s facilities. Use of the facilities at the Center by a Member shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Center as may be in force from time to time.

6. For use of the facilities and services of the Centre, in addition to the prevailing charges for the type and period of services, the Member shall pay a security deposits, as appropriate, in advance. The security deposit is not adjustable against dues, and will be refunded to the Member 45 days after termination of the use of services and upon payment of all outstanding charges. The refundable security deposit shall bear no interest.

7. The member shall pay for the use of services and facilities rendered by the Center by the payment due date mentioned on the bill. The Member shall further pay to the Centre a late payment processing charge calculated at the rate of 2% (two percent) per month on all outstanding dues carried forward to the next bill.

8.While every effort will be made to ensure a high standard of efficiency and accuracy, the liability of the Center and itsemployees for any omission, delay, neglect or inaccuracy shall be.limited to Rs. 100/- without affecting the member to pay for the services availed of.

9. The Member agrees not to advertise the Center’s address without first obtaining the Center’s consent.

10. At the expiry or termination of the membership and/or subscribed services, the Member shall cease use of the services and facilities and hand over the keys to office suites, lockers and/or any office equipment provided by the Centre for the use of the Member. On termination of the membership the services and facilities provided to the Member shall cease automatically and no advance notice by the Centre shall be required.

11. The Member agrees and undertakes that it will make proper and reasonable use of the services and Facilities provided by the Center. The Member will be responsible to pay the Center a reasonable amount spent by the Center in repairing/replacing any damage, breakage or loss caused to the Center or any of its equipment /property by the Member or Its employees / authorized personnel or guest.

12. The Member agrees to use the said facilities exclusively for its own lawful and bonafide business purpose during the office hours fixed by the Center except as otherwise agreed and also to abide by all the rules and regulations applied by the Center from time to time.

13. Use of the Center’s facilities and services shall under no circumstances constitute or be deemed to constitute tenancy sub-tenancy or the right of tenancy or any right or interest in the center premises or part or portion thereof in favour of the Member or visitor and the Centre shall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession and control of the Centre premises. The Membership is non-transferable.

14. The Center shall have the right at any time to terminate the membership with immediate effect, if the Member and/or company is in breach of or violates any of the terms and conditions of the membership. The waiver on the part of the Center of any breach of any term of the membership shall not prevent the subsequent enforcement of that term and shall not be deemed a waiver or any subsequent breach or violation of any conditions.

15. The Membership will be renewed only on receipt of payment of Annual subscription by the Center in advance. The Center reserves the right not to renew the same without assigning any reason thereof.

16. The Center shall not be liable for or in respect of any damages or compensation payable in law in respect of or in consequence of any accident or any injury to any property, person or their belongings in any way connected with the Member.

17. The Center shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever on account of any loss or damage to the Member or its agents due to failure, breakdown or non-availability of light, power, lifts, air conditioning equipment, communication facilities equipment, plants or systems or any other Items or facilities for any reason whatsoever or For any liability arising out of any negligence, delay, action or Inaction attributable directly or even remotely to the Center or its employees, agents or associates. The Center shall also not be liable for any contingent liability arising out of or connected with any of the above contingencies or any other contingency attributable directly or remotely to the centre which could give rise to a claim.

18. The Center may at its entire discretion, accept or reject a Member or terminate the membership at any time without specific reason.

19. The Center is not responsible for any cash, jewellery or any other valuables kept at the premises. The member may keep such goods or any valuable at his entire risk and the Center does not in any circumstances undertake to compensate the Member in case of loss arising out of theft or any other unforeseen circumstances.

20. The use of the lounge facilities at Allstate Business Center is restricted to Members and the Center does not entitle them to use the lounge as an office.

21. The Member agrees that he will not hire any employee of Allstate Business Center or in the event of his doing so, he will pay Allstate Business Centre an amount equivalent to the cost of hiring and training a replacement or an equivalent of 6 month’s salary of the said Allstate Business Center employee, whichever is greater.

22. The terms and conditions of these presents shall be In addition to any Agreements/Arrangements entered into between the Member and Allstate Comserve Pvt. Ltd.

23. All disputes are subject to Bombay Jurisdiction. The Member agrees to pay cost of collection of dues, legal expenses, decretal amount
with interest, in the event of legal action being initiated.